Top Notch Tree Service, L.L.C.

Keep Trees and Other Plants From

Causing Harm


Upkeep and Removal of Greenery

To ensure the safety and aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space, trees and ornamental plants should be properly maintained. Top Notch Tree Service, L.L.C. in Port Orange, Florida can take on jobs of any type or size:

  • Tree Trimming and Removal
  • Debris Hauling
  • Pruning
  • Tree Thinning
  • Crown/Canopy Raising
  • To allow adequate clearance for people and cars to safely pass, unobstructed and without damage
  • Pollarding
  • Storm Damage Prevention/Hurricane Preparedness
  • Removing dangerous trees positioned over property or assets, removing limbs due to structure, positioning, placement, or strength, cleaning out and removing smaller and weaker branches to allow wind to easily pass through while the strongest limbs and leaders are left intact
  • Hedge Trimming and Shaping
  • Palm Tree Debooting
  • Land Clearance

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